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  • When are payouts generated?
    Payouts are generated on a monthly basis 

    Payouts are generated on a monthly basis. They are processed on the last day of the month and funds are released to you by the 7th of each month. These payments are for the preceding calendar month. For example: payment would be released by February 7th for the period of January 1st - January 31st . This will allow us to make sure all of the inventory lines up and we are paying out appropriately. Your payment will either be check by mail or direct deposit. 

    You can view your earnings in the online portal and there will also be an annual earnings report will be mailed to you by January 31st of 2023 for all 2022 earnings. If you have a change of mailing / email address it is your responsibility to alert us to this change promptly to ensure your forms are sent to the correct location.

    Should there be any discrepancies on your payout vs what is reflected on your vendor portal, you must alert us in writing within seven (7) days of the date on the payout so we can make corrections. 

  • How do I replenish inventory?
    EASY! Just schedule an appointment using this link! You can access the link in the FAQ section of the vendor portal or bookmark the link in your preferred browser for ease of access. 

    For ease of processing, please email a list of items you're bringing in advance so we can get everything entered into the system. Just a few notes:

    • Please be sure to arrive promptly especially on the weekends!
    • Be sure to bring a list/packing slip that includes which items you're bringing, how many of each items, & current pricing. Please make a note if it's a restock or a new item. We'll use this to check everything in.
    • If you're not sure how to format the list, please let us know and we can send you a spreadsheet.
  • After my contract is over, how do I renew?
    Your agreement is in effect for 60 days and will roll over in 30 day increments unless otherwise notified in writing with at least two weeks notice by either the vendor or Made Cleveland.

    If you'd like to express interest in returning to the market after the culmination of your current/previous duration, please email [email protected] for information on next steps.